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• Reduces internal heat up to 82%

• Creates privacy 

• Provides extra safety & security by holding glass together in the event of an accident or break-in 

• Reduces fading of furniture, carpets and wooden flooring

• Blocks 99% UV rays 

• Cheaper than expensive and ineffective blinds 

• Reduces glare

• Long lasting – with 10 year manufacturers & installation warranty

• Stops dust collecting

• No maintenance 

Nothing looks or feels better than your own conservatory but with the heat and glare from the sun, we often find it too uncomfortable to use.  Previously the answer was to spend hundreds of pounds on blinds which only partly solved the problem.  However, Solar Shade has the answer – whilst keeping your view, our window film greatly reduces heat and glare and virtually eliminates fading.  It also provides privacy during the day, increasing the enjoyment of your conservatory. 




The tinting window films we use reject up to 82% of the sun's heat and energy, preventing your conservatory from heating up as quickly as it normally would.  Also, the same window films with a low emisitivity layer can reduce heat loss in winter, saving you a fortune on your heating bills.


Faded floor from UV light

Faded carpet after only 4 years.

Faded carpet after only 4 years.

The sun's ultraviolet rays and solar heat are responsible for over half the damage your furniture will suffer during its lifetime.  Our window film rejects 99% of the harmful UV rays plus a significant amount of solar energy.  This all helps keep your interior furniture looking newer for longer.


The window film provides extra protection in the case of an accident – holding the glass shards together to prevent serious injuries.


Faded carpet.

Faded carpet.

Some of the window film that we install gives the added benefit of allowing you to see out but not letting others see in, allowing complete privacy.  In addition, the films improve the exterior appearance of the conservatory. Our films are also scratch resistant and do not fade, peel or bubble.


Our Window Tinting Films come backed by a full manufacturer's warranty.  This warranty protects against any cracking, demetalization, peeling or bubbling of the film installed by us for up to 10 years.  We will replace, free of charge, any film that is found to be faulty.