Body Wrapping


Body wrapping, vehicle wrapping or vinyl wrapping, all 3 terms denote the same meaning; 

Installation of vinyl's onto cars, vans, trucks and boats to change the colour, protect the paint work and to add design and graphics without the need for re-spraying or fitting new body panels. The vinyls can be supplied in a multitude of colours i.e carbon fiber, matte black, chrome and more. It's the latest automotive modification that will enhance the vehicle looks and give it individuality.It has practical benefits too such as protecting new paintwork from stone chips and scratches and individual panels can be replaced easily without the need for re-spraying.

There's an amazing selection out there of different colours from matte finishes through metallics to pearlescent effect. There is also a printable vinyl option that allows you to print your own design or company logo and then wrap the custom printed vinyl to whatever vehicle you want.


Check out this great video from OPC in Germany, it shows in detail the body wrapping process and what is possible outside and inside the vehicle, also there is a great video below from Jay Leno's Garage where Jay has his new McLaran P1 wrapped in a clear anti stone chip vinyl which we also supply and install on all vehicles. This isn't a Solar Shade vehicle but it gives you an idea of what is involved in the process, we will try and get a video of our own produced and uploaded to Youtube soon. We can also wrap motorcycles, trailers, caravans and interiors, just contact us and we will talk you through the different options and possibilities of vinyl wrapping products.